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Latest BingoBlitz Facebook Game [Updated]

Discover best Facebook game bingo blitz online [free]:

Facebook has become one of the best platforms for online games one of the famous game is BingoBlitz. You can play on android and ios devices.

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BingoBlitz Facebook Game:

BingoBlitz Game

This bingo apk game is the best and perfect Facebook version, but the player can collect items and there is an ingame currency. There are many different locations spread all over the world where you will play and each location has 12 treasures to collect.

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Every location has its own speaker, having a fitting accent for each part of the world.

A Facebook account is required to play BingoBlitz Game just login and click the URL and start playing this amazing game. A web browser with a flash support is required that’s it and you are good to go to play BingoBlitz.

The game starts with purchasing bingo cards. The player can play with up to four bingo cards at the same time. You play against other Facebook users, but the amount of players depends on the limited amount of bingo cards.

The game is played like normal bingo games: a speaker calls numbers, the player marks the fitting numbers on his bingo cards and if a card is complete it is a “Bingo”. For each “Bingo” the player gets certain rewards. A round is finished if a certain number of “Bingos” is given away.

The player can view a bingo-counter on the upper left side of the screen. If there are only few bingo’s left there is an acoustic signal as well.

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In addition, there are special “power-ups” which for example will place rewards on some bingo-fields. This way the player gains coins and treasure chests which will be given to him after the game is finished.

A treasure chest can only be opened by keys that have either to be collected or to be bought. Inside of those chests can several different things like collectible items, coins or “Bingo Credits” that are needed to buy new bingo cards.

To gain experience points and to level up you have to collect a certain amount of chests or “Bingos”. Special achievements are also part of the game.

You can build teams with your friends which will give you additional power-ups and coins. This way it is a lot easier to get a “Bingo” other than to play on your own. The game has two different currencies: normal coins and “Bingo Credits”.

Coins are used to buy items, power-ups, and keys. Bingo Credits are needed for bingo cards, but can also be exchanged for coins. You can also exchange Facebook-Credits for Bingo Credits.

After A Round:

After a round ends, you will see a Round Summary screen, where you’ll be able to open up Treasure Chests you’ve won, view your XP progression, and see the rewards you collected during the round.

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